Corridor L46 lighting notes

HOME: Commentary: This is a stab at relighting Wiktor Ohman’s environment.  I created 3 lighting scenarios and lit the level based on reference I picked out.  I started with a grey pass to establish values. The lighting is baked and only 1 dynamic point light was used. Problems: Just getting values to work across the board.  Trying to do more painterly style lighting and that did take some adjusting to.  Overdoing post-process also led to a problem where the shotsRead more

GDC recap:

Went to GDC in San Francisco.  This was super cool.  Got to go to lots of parties and network with a lot of industry people and people trying to get into the industry.  In addition to that there are specific events with different companies and listen to war stories within the industry.  With that said besides trying to hunt for the first job I was able to go to the Lumberyard booth and catch footage of Star Citizen.  I doRead more

Level Design Review:

It is important to review level designs as I can. Fundamentally level design lays the foundation for environment art to work on top of. I recently was watching with my mentor the Foundry level from Doom released in 2016.  I specifically remember this being one of my favorite levels.  It had a lot of variety from a pure design standpoint as the player was able to go from corridor to arena style fairly quickly.  The pacing was also broken upRead more

Lighting Props:

The idea is that lighting can invoke mood/atmosphere, the ideas and techniques have been largely adopted from the film industry(animation and vfx houses).         HOME:Read more

Prop Creation:

When it comes to props; for simplicity sake I am just going to refer to everything as a Prop or Environment. I go over the process and establish my thoughts on it. For the most part props lay the foundation in the environment and are static and are typically not used for anything other than filler content.   This Section goes over how I approach Prop Creation. Tl:dr version: Build Hi-Poly Mesh in 3d app / Build Lo-Poly / LayRead more