Corridor L46:

RT Renderer: Unreal Engine 4
LUT: Photoshop CS4
Editing: Shotcut
Responsible for: Lighting
Environment by Wiktor Ohman

Corridor L46 is apart of Resource Operations, “ResOps” section of carrier vessel, “Valley Forge”, support staff on duty roam the corridors inspecting and doing maintenance and upkeep of drones.  Staff can rest on and security officers monitor via the cameras. The check-in stations for additional equipment are easily located by the red accent in front of the kiosk.  Alerts are featured above the kiosk or above doors that indicate service outages.

Commentary: This is a stab at relighting Wiktor Ohman’s environment.  I created 3 lighting scenarios and lit the level based on reference I picked out.  I started with a grey pass to establish values. The lighting is baked and only 1 dynamic point light was used.  I have a story for only 1 scenario.

Problems: Just getting values to work across the board.  Trying to do more painterly style lighting and that did take some adjusting to.  Overdoing post-process also led to a problem where the shots felt the same and I had to backup and loosen up in this area so I could try to generate different looks.

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