Woodland Trail:

RT Renderer: Unreal Engine 4
LUT: Photoshop CS4
Editing: Shotcut
Responsible for: Lighting
Special Thanks: Scott Knapp for feedback

Commentary: These pieces are made with open world assets from Epic.  I created 3 lighting scenarios and lit the level based on reference I picked out.  I started with a grey pass to establish values, then moved the initial setups to each scenario and introduced indirect lights + GI to fill in the dark areas.  The fps for this scene is low due to high settings during render.  The lighting for this is baked, but there was a few dynamic lights added for additional fill.

Problems: Matching underexposed reference, not fully understanding mood.  Rendering in sequencer.  Instanced foilage showing up too dark in all scenarios, creating shaping on certain elements in the level, and creating a consistent look across all scenarios.  FPS for this is way too low at 17 to work in game but would be appropriate for a cinematic.  Had to remove adaptive tessellation in order to fix texturing issues.

Reference used in project will be placed on pinterest.

Assets are from open world demo from Epic
HDRI’s used are from HDRI haven
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