HiPoly/LowPoly: MayaLT
Texturing: Substance Designer / PhotoshopCS4
RT Render: Marmoset Toolbag3 / UnrealEngine 4

TriCount: 2560
Texture size: 4K for RTpresentation / 1k in RTE

Commentary: The elysium grenade.  I will continue to texture in Substance Designer and will aim for 90% designer and 10% painter as far as pushing these out.  Triplanar node is cool.  The focus was to use base materials to lock in basic material properties while regulating Dirt/Dust to local detail along the edges or towards the top of the mesh.  This frees up the rest of the texture to be used for other details such as indents, grease/oil, scratches.  You can do an aging process and pass a layer over at about 50/30 percent but I believe it is easier to localize things like dirt and dust and leave the rest open for small details once the main base material has been worked out.  I’m not including the substance graph for presentation.  It is fairly messy, but my hope is in the future to have multiple base materials that I can re-use over and over again fairly quickly with material blends.  Nor will I include a full material breakdown.

I’ve rendered the shots out of Toolbag3 at 4k with 4k textures applied.  Solely for presentation purposes.  For UE4 textures were downgraded to 1k.

Problems: UV’s, still having some minor issues with these but will continue working on laying these out better.  Baking floaters in designer confused me a little bit but I think I had an ok result.  I had to remodel the hi-poly a few times, and definitely had to look at other people’s examples to figure out what I was doing wrong.

If you like the result please by all means hit the like button and leave a comment.  If you do not like it.  Then well, hopefully on the next piece, I will get your attention.